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Greetings! We have an interesting week planned for you. From now until Thursday, we're going to introduce four pairs of words for parts of the body that are commonly confused by Japanese students of the language. Think of it as Berlitz WordMaster's tribute to that well-known children's song "Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes".

Today's LessonCATEGORY: Commonly Confused Words
LEG vs. FOOT   脚 vs. 足(足首から下


  • A leg  is one of the two long parts of the body that you cover with pants.

    A foot  is one of the two parts of the body that you put in a shoe.
  • leg  は、身体の中の2本の長い部分で、ズボンをはくと隠れる場所、つまり、脚のことです。

    foot  は、身体の2箇所あって、くつをはく部分、つまり、足のことです。


  1. Models are usually tall and have long, thin legs.  
  2. I broke my leg  skiing, so I won't be able to walk until February.
  3. Insects have 6 legs  and spiders have 8.
  4. I don't think your shoes will fit me. My feet  are too big.
  5. a: What size are your feet?
    b: 23 centimeters.
  6. My right foot  is asleep.
  7. I used to love walking on the grass in bare feet  (= without shoes or socks) when I was a child.

Keep your feet (NOT legs) on the ground and your eyes to the heavens!