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Sometimes it's hard to tell what's inside the food we eat. So much is done to it after it's pulled out of the soil or cut from the vine. And what's "done" to food at the factory is what today's WordMaster is all about!

Today's Lesson


  • Processed  food is food that has been changed in some way in the factory - such as by adding chemical additives or preservatives - to improve its taste, texture, appearance, etc. or to make it more convenient to prepare or stay fresh longer.

    Be careful:
    We do NOT use the word "process" like the Japanese プロセス to mean processed.
  • processed  food は、工場で化学物質や保存料などを加えたりして加工された食品のことです。味、食感、見た目などを良くする、もっと手軽に食べられるようにする、日持ちをよくする、などの目的で加工されます。

    日本語では「プロセスチーズ」のように「プロセス」と言いますが、英語ではprocess ではなく、processed  です。


  1. I try to eat healthy by not eating so many processed  foods.
  2. Sliced, processed  cheese is more convenient to use than natural cheese. And it's perfect for sandwiches.
  3. Processed  foods often contain lots of sugar, salt, and chemical additives.
  4. a: Would you like a corned beef sandwich?
    b: No thanks. I try to avoid processed  meats.

That wraps up another week of WordMaster For Life AND our two-week Earth Day special! We've enjoyed spending it with you. Have a fine weekend!