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It often seems that there isn't any food on the supermarket shelves these days that doesn't have one or more of today's WordMasters inside. Sometimes these can make ordinary food divine, other times they can spoil a perfectly good thing! Are we better off with or without them? You be the judge!

Today's Lesson


  • An additive  in a food is a substance that is added in small amounts to make it taste or look better or to keep it fresh longer.

    A preservative  is an additive in food that keeps it fresh longer.
  • additive  は、味や見た目を良くする、日持ちさせる、などの目的で食品の中に少量加えられる物質、つまり、添加物のことです。

    preservative  は、食品添加物の一種で、日持ちをよくするための物質、つまり、保存料や防腐剤のことです。


  1. Many instant foods contain lots of chemical additives.
  2. More and more children are becoming allergic to food additives.
  3. Vitamin C is commonly used as a preservative  in food.

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