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It's good to have you with us! We hope you had a fine weekend. How did you spend it? Did you enjoy a favorite hobby perhaps? We ask because hobbies are the theme of the week, a theme which we'll begin tomorrow. But first, let's introduce a word we'll need in order to better understand tomorrow's edition.

Take it easy this week, okay?

Today's LessonCATEGORY: Problem Vocabulary
HANDWRITING   手書きの文字、筆跡


  • Handwriting  is writing that is done with a pen or pencil rather than with a typewriter, printer, etc.

    Be careful:
    Handwriting  is uncountable.
  • handwriting  は、タイプや印刷されたものではなく、ペンや鉛筆などを使って書かれた文字のことです。

    handwriting  は、数えられない名詞です。


  1. (a teacher to a student)
    I can't even read your handwriting. You'll have to copy this over again if you want credit.  
  2. They say doctors have terrible handwriting, but Dr. Peterson has the neatest handwriting  I've ever seen.
  3. My mother has beautiful handwriting. She even won an award in school when she was a girl.
  4. They had a handwriting  expert look at the manuscript. He said it was a fake.

Maybe we should start writing the daily WordMaster by hand!