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Well, there's just one more stop to make before we come to the end of the road. That's right, it's the Friday edition!

Today's LessonCATEGORY: Idioms and Compound Verbs
ROLL DOWN/UP (THE WINDOW)   (車の窓を)開ける/閉める


  • To roll down a window in a vehicle is to open it by moving it down into the body of the vehicle so that most or all of it can no longer be seen.

    To roll up such a window means to close it.
  • 車の窓を開ける、という意味で、roll down  と言うことができます。窓が下がって車体に収まるタイプならこの表現が使えます。

    roll up  は、反対に、窓を閉める、という意味です。


  1. (a passenger in a car)
    Is it alright if I roll down the window? I'm hot! 
  2. (a man driving with his family)
    Roll up your windows kids. This isn't a very safe part of town.
  3. I had forgotten to roll up the window on the passenger side. When I came back to the car after work, the front seat was all wet from the rain.

It's been quite a ride! See you back in the passenger's seat next week!