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Hello! I've heard people call today's WordMaster the “vanity mirror” because some drivers use it more often to check their hair and makeup than the traffic!

Today's LessonCATEGORY: Japanese English


  • The rear-view mirror  is the mirror inside a car that is used to see traffic, etc. behind the car.

    Be careful:
    “Back mirror” is Japanese-English and is NOT used to mean rear-view mirror.
  • rear-view mirror  は、車中に取り付けられた後方の様子を見るための鏡です。 注意:
    Back mirrorは、和製英語です。rear-view mirror  の意味にはなりません。


  1. When I saw the flashing red lights in the rear-view mirror, I thought it was me the police were going to stop.
  2. (a driving instructor)
    You should never rely on the rear-view mirror  when backing up. Always turn around and look behind you.
  3. We had piled so many boxes in the back seat that I couldn't see anything with the rear-view mirror.

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