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Welcome back from the weekend! As happens so often here at WordMaster, the start of a new week means the start of a brand new theme. What's it going to be this week? ... Car parts! (Okay, we admit it's not very glamorous, but it's an especially confusing set of words because of all the Japanese-English that is used.) We think you'll have fun with it!

So let's get into gear and begin!

Today's LessonCATEGORY: Japanese English
HOOD   ボンネット


  • The hood  is the part of a car that covers the engine.

    Be careful:
    The Japanese word ボンネット comes from the British word for hood. We do NOT use the word "bonnet" in this way in the United States.
  • hood  は、車のエンジン部分の覆いのことです。

    日本で言う「ボンネット」は、イギリス英語から来た言葉です。イギリスでは hood  のことをbonnetと呼びます。アメリカではbonnetという言葉は使いません。


  1. (driving up a hill on a hot day)
    PASSENGER: Stop the car! There's smoke coming out from under the hood!
    DRIVER: Oh no! I was afraid this would happen! The engine's overheated!
  2. A full-service gas station will pump your gas, wash your windows, and check under the hood.
  3. I always have a mechanic make repairs to my car. I've never even opened up the hood myself.

Time to put on the brakes and call it a day!