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20-20 VISION   視力20-20


  • Vision is your ability to see. A person with 20-20 vision can see at 20 feet* what is normally seen at that distance by most people. So to have 20-20 vision means your vision is "normal".

    * 20 feet is about 6 meters, which is the distance usually used to measure vision with a wall chart.

    Be careful [1]:
    For someone who is nearsighted, the second number will be greater than 20. For example, someone with 20-40 vision can only see at 20 feet what a person with normal vision can see from 40 feet. Be careful [2]:
    In the United States, we do not use the same system of units for describing a person's vision as that used in Japan. If you say that you have "1.0 vision" in the United States, you will probably not be understood.
  • vision  は、見る能力、つまり視力のことです。 20-20 vision  と言うと、20フィート* 離れて対象物を見たとき、正常な視力の人が20フィート離れてそれを見たときと同じように見える、ということを意味します。つまり、20-20 vision  は、正常な視力、という意味になります。


    近視の人は、二番目の数字が20より大きくなります。例えば、20-40 vision  の場合、正常な視力で40フィート離れた所から見えるものが、20フィートの距離からでないと見えないということを示しています。



  1. I've had 20-20 vision all my life, so I've never needed glasses or contacts.
  2. With my glasses on I have 20-15 vision. I can actually see better than I could when I didn't need glasses.

Do you think you could measure a person's vision by checking what font size they use on their computer??