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Welcome back from yet another three-day weekend! They are certainly one of God's finest creations, don't you think?

Today's WordMaster may at first appear less generally useful than we usually try to make them, but glasses break all the time while traveling, and when that happens these are just the words you'll need to know!

Today's LessonCATEGORY: Commonly Confused Words
OPTOMETRIST vs. OPTICIAN   検眼士 vs. メガネ屋


  • An optometrist is a person who examines people's eyes to see how strong the lenses in their glasses should be.

    An optician is a person who sells glasses and/or makes lenses. He does NOT examine people's eyes.

    Be careful:
    An optometrist is NOT a medical doctor. A doctor who treats eyes is called an ophthalmologist, but usually we just call him an "eye doctor".
  • optometrist  は、視力を測ってメガネのレンズの度の強さを調整する人、つまり、検眼士のことです。

    optician  は、メガネを売る、または、作る人のことです。検眼はしません。

    optometrist  は、医者ではありません。眼科医は ophthalmologist といいますが、普通は簡単に eye doctor と呼びます。


  1. It's been a year since we had Billy's eyes checked. I'm going to take him to the optometrist tomorrow.
  2. The optician at that shop does a very good job. I've always been satisfied with the glasses he's made for me.
  3. a: I'm worried about my eyes. Sometimes everything looks cloudy for no reason. I think I should see an optometrist.
    b: An optometrist won't be able to help. I'll make an appointment with an eye doctor for you.

Keep eating those carrots - good for the night vision, you know!