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For Life

Happy Friday! We end this week with a great big WordMaster about the tiniest of all "glasses"!

Today's Lesson
CONTACT LENS   コンタクトレンズ


  • A contact lens is a small, specially shaped piece of plastic that you put directly on your eye in order to see better.

    Contact lenses are also called contacts.
  • contact lens  は、特殊な形に加工された小さなプラスチックで、物をよく見るために目に直接装着するものです。

    contact lenses  は、contacts  とも呼ばれます。


  1. a: I thought you wore glasses.
    b: I used to, but I wear contact lenses now.
  2. Contact lenses are so thin and convenient these days. Some can even be worn for a whole month without having to take them out even once.
  3. Wait! Nobody move! I lost one of my contacts.

Have a fine weekend!