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For Life

We're back again! Now here's an interesting combination: one pair of glasses that can make you feel old and unfashionable, and another pair often worn in order to look young and the height of fashion. Learn them both today, regardless of which kind you have on!

Today's Lesson


  • Reading glasses are used to see things that are small and very close to you, like words in a book or details in a photograph.

    Sunglasses have dark lenses that protect your eyes from the bright light of the sun.
  • reading glasses  は、近くの小さなもの、例えば本の文字や写真の細部などをよく見るためにかけるメガネ、つまり、老眼鏡のことです。

    sunglasses  は、日光を避けるためにかけるレンズの色が濃いメガネです。


  1. The eye doctor told me I needed reading glasses. That really made me feel old!
  2. a: I brought some photographs from our trip.
    b: Oh good! But I'll have to put on my reading glasses first. Just a minute while I look for them.
  3. a: I thought you wore glasses.
    b: Those are reading glasses. I don't usually wear them when I go out.
  4. (at the beach)
    Wow! The sun is really bright today. I knew I should have brought sunglasses.
  5. (after seeing an action film)
    All the fighter pilots in that movie looked so cool in those designer sunglasses. I've got to get a pair.