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For Life

Hello, hello! We're in the middle of our WordMaster series looking at words used to talk about "glasses and stuff". If you yourself wear glasses, this special week should make up for all the years in school when you were teased about having "four eyes"!

Today's LessonCATEGORY: Problem Vocabulary
FRAMES   (メガネの)フレーム


  • The metal or plastic structure that holds the lenses in a pair of glasses is called the frames.

    Be careful:
    As with the word "glasses," frames is always plural.
  • メガネのレンズがはめ込んである金属やプラスチック製の枠のことを  frames  といいます。

    glasses と同じように、frames  も常に複数形にします。


  1. (at a glasses shop)
    There are so many frames to choose from! I can't make up my mind.
  2. (a salesman to a customer at a glasses shop)
    How about a nice pair of designer frames?  Here, try these on.
  3. CUSTOMER: Are these glasses really only ¥3000? That's so cheap!
    SALES CLERK: Of course that price is for the frames only. It doesn't include the lenses.

  4. (to a child coming home from school)
    PARENT: What happened? Why aren't you wearing your glasses?
    CHILD: I broke the frames in gym class.

SEE you later!