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Open your eyes! It's time for another Tuesday edition of Berlitz WordMaster! If your glasses are a little dusty or have the odd fingerprint on them, this might be a good time for a cleaning!

Today's Lesson
LENS   レンズ


  • A lens is one of the specially shaped pieces of glass or plastic in glasses. Lenses are also used in cameras, telescopes, microscopes, etc.
  • lens  は、メガネに使われる特殊な形をしたガラス、または透明なプラスチックのことです。カメラや望遠鏡、顕微鏡などにも使われています。


  1. a: The lenses in your glasses are much thinner than before.
    b: I paid a little more and got the ultra-thin lenses this time.
  2. You really should clean your glasses once in a while. The lenses are covered with fingerprints.
  3. (to a child coming home from school)
    PARENT: What happened? Why aren't you wearing your glasses?
    CHILD: Because I dropped them and broke one of the lenses.
  4. (packing a camera for a trip)
    I think I'm going to leave the telephoto lens at home. It's just too heavy to carry around all day.

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