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Welcome back! It's mid-November now, and in many parts of the country the woods and forests are at the peak of their autumn beauty. It's a time of year when all that the eye sees is a delight! 

For many of us, between our eyes and the big beautiful world there are two remarkable pieces of glass. This week we do honor to those simple, elegant tools!

Today's LessonCATEGORY: Problem Vocabulary


  • Glasses are pieces of specially shaped glass (or clear plastic) in a frame, that you wear in front of your eyes in order to see better.

    Be careful:
    The word glasses is always plural. So, for example, we say "the glasses ARE", NOT "the glasses IS". Similarly, we use the pronouns "they" and "them", NOT "it".
  • glasses  は、特殊な形をしたガラス、または透明なプラスチックを枠にはめ込んだもので、物をよく見るためにかける道具です。つまり、メガネのことです。

    glasses  は、常に複数形にします。ですから、the glasses ARE が正しく、the glasses IS は間違いです。代名詞もitではなく、they や them を使います。


  1. a: Do you know where my glasses are? I can't find them anywhere.
    b: I think I saw them on the kitchen table.
  2. Ayano says she's having trouble seeing what the teacher writes on the board in school. I think she might need glasses.
  3. My son wants to become a pilot in the Air Force, but they told him he can't because he wears glasses.
  4. a: Don't take the picture yet. Let me take off my glasses first.
    b: No, put them on again. You look nice with glasses on.
  5. You should take two pairs of glasses when you travel so that you have a spare if one pair breaks.

Enjoy the day!