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Today's Lesson


  • Airport parking for people who will leave their cars at the airport while they travel is called long-term parking.

    Parking for people who will be leaving their cars there for only a few minutes or hours is called short-term parking.
  • 旅行中、ずっと車を止めておくための空港の駐車場を  long-term parking  といいます。

    数分か、数時間止めておくための駐車場は、short-term parking  といいます。


  1. Long-term parking costs ¥2500 per day or ¥13,000 per week. Short-term parking is closer to the terminal, but costs ¥800 an hour.
  2. The long-term parking lot has the lowest rates, and shuttle (= shuttle bus) service to the terminal is free.
  3. (a woman being driven to the airport by her husband)
    WOMAN: You can just drop me off in front of the terminal. You don't need to come inside.
    MAN: No, I'll leave the car in short-term parking and wait with you at the gate.

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