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We've got one more WordMaster to go before we finish this series on bags, packs, and cases in all shapes and sizes. Then tomorrow it's another Challenge Friday, so if you have some time, why not look over the WordMasters from the past two weeks?


Today's Lesson


  • A coin purse is a small case, often made of leather or plastic, used to carry coins.
  • coin purse  は、コインを持ち歩くための小さい入れ物、つまり、小銭入れ、という意味です。皮やビニールでできている場合が多いです。


  1. I took ¥100 from my coin purse and gave it to the child to thank her.
  2. (while putting a large number of coins on the counter at a shop)
    My coin purse is getting very full. Would you mind giving me some bills for all this?
  3. At the festival, little girls in colorful yukata holding coin purses walked along the row of stalls, looking eagerly at all the candy and toys.

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