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This week we're going to introduce four words that are part of the English language simply because you and I are not kangaroos. Confused? Then it's time to look at today's edition!

Today's LessonCATEGORY: Japanese English
BACKPACK   リュックサック、ランドセル、バックパック


  • A backpack is a bag that you carry on your back.

    Be careful:
    Backpack can be used to talk about the kinds of bags called リュックサック and ランドセル in Japanese.
  • backpack  は、背負うことができるかばんのことです。

    日本語のリュックサックやランドセルのことも  backpack  と言います。


  1. Elementary school students in Japan often use the same leather backpack from 1st to 6th grade.
  2. We carried large backpacks and hiked one of the trails from Kamikochi.
  3. My husband doesn't like to carry a briefcase all day, so instead he takes a small backpack to the office.
  4. a: My goodness, this backpack is heavy! What do you have in here?
    b: I carry all my school books in there.
  5. a: Are you ready to leave?
    b: Almost. I just have to finish packing my backpack.

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