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Hi! Yesterday we introduced the word "dark", so today we look at its opposite. It just seemed the natural thing to do.

Today's LessonCATEGORY: Problem Vocabulary
LIGHT (COLOR)   薄い(色)


  • A color is light if it's more white than black.

    Be careful:
    Except when talking about a color itself (for example, light blue), we usually use the expression light-colored instead of just light, so as not to confuse the meaning of "not dark" with "not heavy".
  • ある色について  light  と言うと、その色が薄い、という意味になります。

    light blue(水色)のように、色の名前の前に light  が来る場合を除き、「色が薄い」と言う場合、単に < light> とは言わず、light-colored  と言うのが普通です。light  だけだと、「軽い」という意味にとられるかもしれないからです。


  1. On this map, the brown areas are land and the ocean is light blue.
  2. Keiko dyed her hair light brown with henna. It looks nice.
  3. I prefer to wear dark colors in the fall and winter and lighter colors in the spring and summer.
  4. (a mother giving her son some advice)
    A light-colored shirt will be cooler than that navy blue one.