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Welcome to the Thursday WordMaster! Okay, we know this WordMaster looks very easy to most of you (especially since the words are basically the same in Japanese). But we still hear a lot of students confuse these. Since we use these words so frequently, why not give them a quick look, just to be sure?

Today's LessonCATEGORY: Commonly Confused Words
GLASS vs. CUP   グラス vs. カップ


  • A glass is a small, round container made of glass or clear plastic used to pour drinks into and drink from. It usually does not have a handle.

    A cup is also a small round container used to pour drinks into and drink from, but it's normally made from materials other than glass or clear plastic. It often has a handle on one side.

    Be careful:
    Although the word コップ is sometimes used in Japanese to talk about a glass, we do NOT normally use the English word cup in this way.
  • glass  は、飲み物を入れるための小さな円筒形の容器で、ガラスや透明のプラスチックでできています。普通、取っ手がついていないものをさします。
    cup  も、飲み物を入れるための容器ですが、普通、ガラスや透明のプラスチック以外でできていて、取っ手がついているものが多いです。

    日本語では glass のことをコップ(オランダ語からきた言葉)とも言います。英語の cup と発音が似ているので、混同しないように気をつけましょう。


  1. Nothing tastes better than an ice-cold glass of beer after a hot bath!
  2. a: Would you like another cup of coffee?
    b: No thanks. I never have more than one cup in the afternoon.
  3. This wine is too special to drink out of a cup. Let's use the crystal wine glasses your mother gave us.
  4. (packing for a picnic)
    a: I'll bring some glasses for the ice tea.
    b: No, we're sure to break one. Just bring the paper cups.

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