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Greetings! We're talking about the power supply this week. It's a topic for which the answers are never very easy. And we certainly don't have the answers here. But what we CAN do is give you the right words to express your own ideas with!

Here are a couple more you should know!

Today's LessonCATEGORY: Problem Vocabulary


  • A nuclear reactor is a large structure where power is produced by splitting or joining atoms.

    Be careful:
    The expression nuclear reactor is often used to mean "nuclear power plant".
  • nuclear reactor  は、核反応を利用してエネルギーを生産する巨大な装置、つまり、原子炉のことです。

    nuclear reactor  は、nuclear power plant (原子力発電所) の意味で使われることがよくあります。


  1. Many of Japan's nuclear reactors were shut down (= operation was stopped) because of safety concerns.
  2. Japan's first nuclear reactor began operation in 1957 in Tokaimura. 
  3. a: Don't you feel uncomfortable living so close to a nuclear reactor?
    b: Of course I do. But reactors have to be built somewhere, don't they?

All the best to you today!