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Today's LessonCATEGORY: Useful Expressions
There's a phone call for (you).   (あなたに)お電話ですよ。


  • You can tell a person that someone on the phone wants to speak to them by saying, There's a phone call for you. If you know that the person heard the phone ring, you just have to say It's for you.
  • 電話を取り次ぐとき、There's a phone call for you.  という表現を使います。電話がかかってきているという状況がわかっているときは、今日の表現を省略して  It's for you.  と言います。


  1. (shouting upstairs)
    a: There's a phone call for you.
    b: I'm in the shower. Tell them I'll call back later.
  2. (on the phone)
    CALLER: Is Keiko there?
    KEIKO'S SISTER: Yes. Just a minute, please. (to Keiko, who's in the room with her sister) It's for you.
    KEIKO: OK. (Keiko takes the phone) Hello.
  3. (two people sharing an office)
    a: Who's the phone call for?
    b: It's for Bob.
    a: Bob's in a meeting. Take a message.

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