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Happy Friday! Here's the final edition of our "Parking" series. Don't forget this one ... or it won't just be your English that suffers!

Today's LessonCATEGORY: Japanese English


  • A parking brake is a stick next to the driver's seat in a car that is pulled up to keep a car from moving.

    Be careful:
    We do NOT use the expression "side brake" like the Japanese サイドブレーキ to mean parking brake.
  • parking brake  は、運転席の横にある棒状のもので、引っ張りあげることによって車を動かなくするためのもの、つまり、サイドブレーキのことです。

    サイドブレーキは和製英語で、parking brake  の意味にはなりません。


  1. It's especially important to use the parking brake when you have to park on a hill.
  2. With manual transmission, you use the parking brake when starting on a slope.
  3. a: Can you use the parking brake to stop your car if your regular brakes fail?
    b: Of course. That's why it's sometimes called the emergency brake.

And now it's time to dance and sing - all weekend long!