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Here's an interesting pair of words. Do you know the difference?

Today's LessonCATEGORY: Commonly Confused Words
   (傘を)さして歩く、携帯する vs. (傘を)さす


  • To carry an umbrella is to have it with you for the day, either because it's raining or because you think it might rain later.

    To hold an umbrella usually means to have an OPEN umbrella in your hands (when it's raining).

    Be careful:
    Be Careful! You can hold an umbrella while walking OR while standing still. However, if the umbrella is open, you normally use the word carry only if you are WALKING with the umbrella.
  • carry an umbrella は、傘をさして歩くという意味と、雨降りに備えて携帯する、という2つの意味があります。

    hold an umbrella は、(雨が降っている時に)傘を開いた状態で手に持つ、つまり、傘をさす、という意味で普通使われます。

    hold  は、傘をさして歩いている場合でも、さしたまま立っている場合でも両方使えます。それに対して、carry  が使えるのは、歩いている場合だけです。


  1. (a woman to her husband as he leaves for the office)
    You'd better carry an umbrella today. It's supposed to rain in the afternoon.
  2. I always carry a collapsible umbrella(折りたたみ傘)in my handbag during the rainy season.
  3. Everyone walking along the crowded street was carrying an umbrella, so we could only make our way slowly.
  4. The woman was holding a large pink umbrella as she waited for the bus in the rain.
  5. I can't hold an umbrella and two big shopping bags at the same time. I'll just have to take a taxi to the station.

Our Rainy Days at WordMaster are over! Hope you can say the same for the weather where you are. Take care!