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Today's LessonCATEGORY: Commonly Confused Words
THE ANSWER vs. YOUR ANSWER   正解 vs. 自分の答え


  • To answer a question is to say or write something in reply to the question.

    THE answer to a question is the CORRECT reply to a question.

    YOUR answer is what YOU said or wrote in reply to the question, whether right or wrong.
  • answer  a question は、質問に対して、口頭または文書で答える、という意味です。

    THE answer  は、質問に対する正しい答え、つまり、正解という意味です。

    YOUR answer  は、あなたの答えのことで、それが正しいかどうかはわかりません。


  1. (a teacher to her students)
    Answer all the odd-numbered questions at the end of Chapter 7 for homework.
  2. Teacher: Raise your hand if you think you know the answer.
    Student: The northernmost prefecture in Japan is Hokkaido.
    Teacher: Very good!
  3. (one student to another)
    Do you know the answer to question 18?
  4. (a teacher to his students)
    I'm returning your tests today. I'm also giving you a sheet with the answers to all the test questions.
  5. Write your answers in pencil, not pen.
  6. (to a classmate looking at your homework)
    Don't look at my answer. Come up with the answer yourself!

We'll be waiting for you here tomorrow! Don't forget to do your homework!